About Me

Hi, I’m Caroline.

I’m Caroline, mom to Arlo & Asher. 

I originally created this space to share and inspire – “back then” we were two wanderlust souls, living in NYC with our lab Z, traveling and taking on new adventures every chance we had. 

In 2019, we closed our chapter in NYC after 11-15 years, and started our next chapter. We moved to FL with our new pup Arlo, and soon after welcomed Asher into the world. Life as a new mom in the time of Covid- not to mention in a completely new environment – has been a different kind of adventure.

Though we may not be traveling recently as planned, navigating motherhood during these crazy times has been an adventure on its own- and as so many of my friends begin to embark on their own parental adventure, I find myself inspired to keep sharing.

The warm idea of inspiring eckstra-suhweet happiness and adventures of your own is still there, now with an added hope of helping moms with whatever perspective I can offer. I will continue to keep it real, and share the gold nuggets of tips and memorable experiences we’ve collected along the way.

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