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Let’s share, support, encourage, and lift each other up.

Hey mamas. Do you ever feel like there’s way too much info out there? Do you find yourself going down internet wormholes, only to be inundated with endless options and opinions? Do you wish you had a community of mom friends who know what you’re going through, someone to ask questions to, or just get a gut check of what’s going on with your kid? Is this normal? What should I do? Do you sometimes feel, simply put, alone? I feel you.

I moved away from my family, friends, and support system in the middle of my pregnancy, and was among the first of my close girlfriends to get pregnant. 

Words can’t express how heartwarming it has been to have girlfriends from all walks in my life reach out and share their support and advice from far away. Becoming a mom has opened doors to a whole new world of female empowerment, a sisterhood where women share, support, encourage, and lift each other up. And even still, sometimes I find myself wishing I had “that friend” I could ask endless questions to without worrying I’d annoy them, or an open source forum amongst women I trust.

In this nook, I’ll share noteworthy experiences and thoughts as a new mom including ideas, product reviews, recipes, and anything I think will be helpful from a mom’s POV. I hope to do my part and share, support, encourage, and lift you up, no matter where you are in your mom walk – whether you are thinking about having kids, trying, pregnant, or knee deep. My way is not “the” way by any means, but hopefully by finding a steady source of information, it’ll help you gauge your own journey as a mom.

To help you calibrate, I’ve found that I’m more of a go-with-the-flow type of mom. I’m under the belief women have been doing this for millions of years, so I’m not going to psych myself out and scare myself into decision paralysis by reading the way-too-many opinions out there. I believe kids should get their hands dirty, play in the dirt, and test their limits. It’s okay to fall. I believe less is more, but I still want the best for my kid. I believe in eating healthy. And I will probably make a ton of mistakes along the way. So take this with a grain of salt, and consider me a friend navigating this new role, and giving you the heads up!

Mom Thoughts

Everything from trying, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, being exhausted, and more.


Noteworthy milestones

Product Reviews

Who knew babies needed so many things! But also, not really. My thoughts and product reviews.