Ross loves to cook. I love to eat. We’re a match made in heaven. 😂

For those who follow us on Instagram, you already know how much we love to cook and host. From savory breakfasts to mouth-watering dinners to some seriously mean meat & cheese boards – Ross is definitely the cook in our home, and he is all about presentation! Seriously, he makes everything look so good. 🤤

I am the sommelier of the household (translation: I choose the wine, I open the wine, I wait for dinner). I love baking, but as for cooking, I don’t find the same joy Ross does. I do, however, love cooking vegan and anti-inflammatory dishes. What started as a necessity due to allergies and auto-immune disease turned into a joy in making unexpectedly flavorful food. I’m also so surprised by how easy so many of these dishes are to make!

Most of the food we eat is healthy – we don’t stick to a “diet” but a healthy lifestyle of balance. Nothing we make is complicated. Our style is more about whole foods, light seasoning, and voila!

I know finding good recipes is all about trial and error – and time is precious – so here are some of our favorites for you to try!