Eckstrasuhweet Travel

Life got eckstra-suhweet when I met Ross. We lived more than we could have imagined in our first year of marriage, traveling to over 15 countries and countless cities, and countless more in our 7 years together. We are seasoned travelers and aspire to keep it real for real travelers, and inspire eckstra-suhweet adventures of your own!

Travel style: Eclectic. We are city folk (New Yorkers, with our 10+ year tenure and all) and nature lovers, so we really encompass the whole spectrum. You will see us backpack, hike, climb, and dive, but also shop, antique, and discover local arts. We make trips of eating everything, everywhere: from street food and local hole in the walls, fine dining and Michelin star restaurants, wineries and cheese farms, to cocktail bars and coffee shops, and always, bakeries.

Wherever we go, we love getting a taste of local life and perspective.  I love interacting with locals and striking conversations with strangers, and will almost always try what the locals are eating – you name it!

There’s so much more we have yet to see – we can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead!